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Fittings At Different Lingerie Stores: Why The Difference And Why The Different Sizes

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Fittings At Different Lingerie Stores: Why The Difference And Why The Different Sizes

Post by Admin on Sat Feb 06, 2016 5:51 pm

* Before we get started, I'm not against the 'fitter's', they just don't know better.*

This is about why the different 'fittings' with different lingerie stores, and the problem(s) with each one.

This Video

First Store: the 'fitter' "sizes" by looking, and then asking if something has changed since she bought the bra she is wearing. -

The 'fitter' does not look at the bra she is wearing and just guesses at her band and cup over clothing.
The bra size the 'fitter' guesses she is, is too tight. The 'fitter' tells her the bra will last longer.

Second store: the 'fitter' measures her over her bra ( better than above store ), no underbust measure. She could be between band sizes, but the 'fitter' should have two cup sizes for both band sizes, not the same cup size for both.

Third store: the 'fitter' measures her over her clothes - underbust and bust and then tells her a size. After she gives her a look because of size given, 'fitter' then asks what size she is wearing and makes a size decision based on the current bra worn - not even looking at the bra.

Fourth store: the 'fitter' measures over her clothes from behind, gives her two definite sizes.

Last store: 'fitter' measures sans clothing and she tries a bra that is tight. The bra could fit: was snug on the loosest setting, but that does not mean the cups fit.

Trying a bra band upside down cups facing downward will show you if the band fits.
In some lingerie stores, the band can fit but you can be sized out in the cup sizes they have. Your bust measurements put you in cup size greater than what the store carries.

"Is there really such a thing as a “right” bra size?"

                            Yes there is.

How to measure


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