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Post by Admin Sat Sep 27, 2014 9:16 pm

I started this community for small banded, big cup busty women. In the lower end dept stores ( Kmart, Walmart, Target) right now 32 band and under can only be found in the little girls section and only A and B cups. So women and girls have either been in a bra that's too big in the band and rides up in the back, has to alter the band to wear, or can't find an undergarment at all.
Some busty's have gone to the UK for their undergarments needs.  There are many women and girls that either don't know they are a small banded busty, or they know but they don't think their bra size is made by anyone, or they know they are made but the price keeps them from buying. That coupled with people in their lives that sometimes are not supportive of them and their need for certain undergarment size.

For the people that shop at the above places, and some shops in the mall where the sizing is( sometimes 32) 34,36,38,40 C,D,DD and some DDD,  most of these people don't know that bra sizing is incorrect, and many have either never had a correct bra fitting, or never fitted at all. They are wearing a bra that they tried and they think its fits. Some shops in the mall do have bigger cups but they cater to large bands, most of the time 36 band and over.

Women that are a small band big cup are not in the minority, rather the majority. Some women have never heard that small bands and bug cup sizes do exist and are available. Some have heard that small band sizes (28,30,32) but they believe certain things( Only a child could be that size, There's no way they could be a 32/30 and have big boobs ,  only big women have big boobs ) , so they have not accepted that truth.

Fortunately, there are upper dept. stores that carry small bands and big cups ; Dillard's, Nordstrom and Macy's.
Also, undergarment brands that carry 30 to G/H(I), 32 to G/H(I) - Wacoal, Natori , and Chantelle. Wacoal brand  b. tempt' d has 30 /32 to F cup.
Plus various lingerie stores around the country that have bands starting at 28(UK) and cups - some to H and others to J/K (UK) - Panache, Freya, Fantasie , Curvy Kate name a few.

Things are changing and mindsets, that 32 and under do exist and C-H-I/ K and over are not just possible, but the truth for many women .

This community is for women that are the above, men that are with or know the above. Also, bigger bands are welcome.

The community is not a porn site. Period

Also, the community is not about augmented breasts. We have nothing against augmented breasts, but many women and teens have been accused or made fun of for having 'plastic surgery' and/or told their size does not exist etc.

TBBC women have gone through much with sales people, family, 'friends' and others about their size.
The community is to give busty support,  help women with correct bra fitting and arm women and men with knowledge. The difference of before and after a fitting is huge, it changes everything for the woman that's getting fitted for the correct bra. The correct bra changes their silhouette and the fit of their clothes.  Then add the knowledge of a small band and large cup, they thought they were this, now they find out they are this.
                                         Welcome to the community   Smile  

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