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Post by Admin Mon May 17, 2021 3:22 pm

First, Welcome to all our new community members   Very Happy

I go into a lot of full bust community sites for full bust news ie: new undergarment brands, new full bust clothing brands, and just full bust news in general. There is one site that comes down on my feed on one social site I'm on and they do bra fittings as well as recommendations for different kinds of bras needed as well as full bust and curvy clothing.

A new person put in her measurements and was laughing at the "ridiculous" measurement given by their calculator. This made the mod unhappy as well as a few members. Although, a few members came to her defense.  The mod said that many members are sensitive about their size because of their experiences until they were sized correctly.

To explain about their experience before getting in the correct size bra for them, many have been ridiculed and made fun of or treated badly. Also, in the wrong size bra, it fits wrong. The band rides up if it's too big. The cups if they are too small, there will be overflow over the cups and sometimes 'underboob' where the boob is coming out from under the cup. They can also have a side boob, where boob is coming out under their underarm.  These are all signs that the bra cup is too small. Many women have been in the wrong cup and band size because that brand didn't have their size.  Much of that has been ignorance in bra sizing. Many brands have not understood correct bra sizing and that put the woman in the wrong size.

Full bust previous problems aside and I will get into that later, more about the situation in this post from this woman. This poster was new and did not know about the history of many full-bust people. Having some understanding with new people, to begin with and then helping them to understand the rules of the community and why those rules are necessary. Most of this is about respect for another person, especially one that is a stranger to them.

Also, the community also needs to understand that new people are dealing with a fitting which may be completely new but also, new sizing that they have not ever heard of and don't know exists. That is its own article. There are many people that do not know that most bra sizing is incorrect. And, many brands do not know how to size both bras and women correctly.  The Mod should gently show her the rules and then explain with patience what is expected in the community.

Alright, Everyone, have a great day. New members check out the site and Welcome.  You can post on FB on all the posted undergarment brands. Please all members be respectful in posting to the brands and models and to other members. Thank you.              

Courtesy of  Ewa-Michalak Proprietress of Ewa-Michalak Undergarments
Top: How many bras look and fit.
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Bottom: How bras are supposed to look and fit.
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