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The DD'S

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The DD'S

Post by Admin on Wed May 11, 2016 9:43 pm


Good day ladies and gentlemen, today's post is about DD cups and the size difference with each band.
Going back to this post D Cups..,
I discussed D cup bras and the different size D with each band.
In the same mind, I'm showing DD cups and the difference in size per band. Also like D cups, DD cups increase two inches per band size. Therefore the mindset " a DD " does not exist as DD's come in many sizes, those depend on the band size they are on.

Below is a photo of DD cup bras:

Also showing 32 band size above an A cup does exist and it is not just for "training bras".

Top: Wacoal 32DD - Bottom: Victorias Secret 34DD

You can clearly see the size difference in the DD cups above.

Also so you know these bras are a 32DD and a 34DD, again below is a photo of the bra size of each bra:

I also discussed how band and cup size is attained showing a tape measure and the inches on the measure. Just like D cups, with DD cups, its one inch per bust measure count from the band size. A DD cup is five inches on its band size. A 32DD is a 32 band size which is circumference and the DD cup size is five inches out from its 32 band, in this example is a 37 bust measure. The same with 30 band size as well as 34 band size and up, and you can see the DD with these band sizes has increased two inches larger with each band size its on.


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