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Traditional Cup Size Mindset And Correct Bra Sizing

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Traditional Cup Size Mindset And Correct Bra Sizing

Post by Admin on Fri Jan 15, 2016 5:14 pm

I was on a website reading a post. The OP, posted a snap of a web chat on a popular social media site. The chat started with discussion about a woman who had 'HH'
cup size. The first commenter asked if 'HH' was even a real boob size( Yes, HH is sizing in the UK ). Then a " Yup", a "WOWWW", and next a comedic comment quoting a famous comedian many would know.
Next comment, from the same person who asked if HH is a real boob size, talks about her humble c's and says, when she googles 38HH to buy, they don't look bigger than D's....just saying. Then same commenter," Though when you google image c cup bras, they look way smaller than actual C's, Lies." ---

See the photo of the tape measure? Some private lingerie stores and department stores use them for fitting's. Also, The Lingerie Room on site, the section The Fitting Room uses a tape measure for underbust and bust measures.

Back to the tape measure, do you see the 1,2,3,4 etc sequence? This is important, this is the true way bra size is found.

Do you see the inches, this is standard U.S. sizing.
A fitting - You can do this Here - starts with a snug underbust measure, following a loose bust measure(and not over clothing ) with 2- inch count at most after underbust measure. Then loose bust measure, counting from bra band number to bust measure: every one inch is a cup size or cup letter.

When a woman gains a cup size greater than the bra she is wearing - IF she is wearing the correct size bra - it is a 1- inch cup increase. That increase makes the boobs grow between the gore, so the gore sits on breast tissue, this is just one- inch increase or one cup letter up. The greater the cup levels wearing the same bra pushes the gore out away from the chest wall.

If the woman's band size fits, then she needs to be fitted in the next cup size, or several cup sizes up depending on what her new bust measure is.

Getting back to the conversation above. first, there is not one 'C', 'D', 'DD', regardless of band size.  There are C's, D's, DD's, F's, G's, H's, I's, J's, K,s etc per band size.
Those cup sizes all have a different bust measure depending on their band they are on.
Standard U.S. sizing is single letter past DD, some brands DDD. UK sizing is single and double letters and they size in centimeters.


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