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The Great "Divide"

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The Great "Divide"

Post by Admin on Mon Sep 18, 2017 12:38 am

Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen, hope your having a tranquil evening. Very Happy

I was in a thread reading comments from a post about bras, sizing, correct fit etc. The OP posted her traditional cup size mindset and they were commenting their correct bra sizing knowledge and there was a great distance between the two.
Added, they were really discussing how incorrect she was in her 'knowledge'  and thought she should study more on the topic and gather correct information Before discussing with them her thoughts.

She is completely ignorant about sizing in both band and cup and believes traditional beliefs about bras and boobs. That said, they need to keep in mind that her mindset is the one we are working on change via fittings and information - the correct how-to on finding your size.

She had no idea about the band sizes and cup sizes they were talking about or the brands they told her about.

Alright....So what is the solution to removing the "divide"? First, remember that not everyone knows what we do, and there are women that still think A "D", "DD" "DDD" and that only comes on big band sizes. Second, some kindness and friendly discussion to help her understand the truth. Posting knowledgeable links about correct sizing and bra/cup fit.

Anger, rudeness with bad treatment not included.


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