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Rules of Etiquette

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Rules of Etiquette Empty Rules of Etiquette

Post by Admin Thu Jul 09, 2015 5:50 pm

Respect of Owner

Respect of All Mods

Respect of all members

Period .

If a Thread or Post is upsetting: subject matter or thread chat - keep scrolling. If the Subject or post is against the rules, notify a mod or Admins - Thank You







Posts, Threads, Private Messages

Body Shaming

Body Snark

Body Critiquing

Thick / thin - thin / thick - All body types are Accepted

Model or Member - Including Admin - Mods

Warning System:

Good - No warning's:

Rules of Etiquette 10010_10

Warning 1 -  
A) Verbal warning + Member changing the wording in Post: Immediate member response Necessary - up to 5: 00 pm business day

Rules of Etiquette 7510_d10

Warning 2 -  Verbal Warning: Member changing the wording in post And PM Warning/ Chat:

Immediate Member Response - Before 5 pm Business Day.

Rules of Etiquette 5011_d10

Warning 3 - Admin removes the post: 24 Hr Suspension

Rules of Etiquette 2510_d10

Warning 4 - Admin removes post: 7 Day Suspension

Rules of Etiquette C4dred10

Warning 5 - Admin removes post: 14 Day Suspension

Rules of Etiquette Banned10

Last - Banned

Rules of Etiquette Banned11

*Posting Topics/ Reply's of Pornographic material - Text, Photo's or Video -

The Topic (s)/Post(s) will be deleted BY Admin and ONE Verbal Warning will be given:
Rules of Etiquette C4dred10

Repeat Behavior will be instant Ban *

Rules of Etiquette Banned11

Thank you


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