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Post by Admin on Sun Aug 18, 2019 4:26 pm

Another new "bra" line on FB.  These look like bandeaus with straps.  Zero cup coverage and the gore doesn't tack, plus the "support" is coming from the straps.  This brand starts at 30 band and goes to H cup.

Well... Lm9IIcml

This measuring tape is important, it shows the woman her correct measurements for a bra that fits correctly.  Then, the straps (which are not the sole support of the bra) are cinched 20% and the band is snug on the loosest setting. The middle portion between the cups( gore) tacks against the chest wall and the boobs are fully enclosed in the cups with no quad boob - called quad boob because when boobs spill over the top of the cups, it looks like four boobs.
Also, the models are in the correct bra that fits them. So, customers see a bra that fits.

Many women do not know what correct fit looks like. Many do not know that the bra band should not ride up in the back and should be hooked, snug and comfortable on the loosest setting New. They don't know that unless they are wearing a plunge bra, if their boobs are overflowing out between the cups or over the top of the cups - thats not called cleavage, its called quad boob.

And, if the gore or mid part between the cups is sitting on breast tissue, the cups are too small. The gore should lay comfortably against the chest wall. The underwire should fully encompass the boob, laying comfortably on their skin on all sides and under each boob. No tugging, digging in or poking.

Measure, so you Know your measurements


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