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Post by Admin on Thu Jun 13, 2019 6:31 pm

First, to all our new members, Welcome 😊.

I know it's been a while since I've posted. I've been so busy.

Alright, so I'm out shopping and I see this.

So Stretchy AXlfIFDl

So, I walk up and feel the straps. They are kind of scratchy, and the material feels like it should be on sports equipment than on a bra.

So Stretchy EWEmdLkl

I pulled on the straps to get a better look and they are stretchy. So, I stretched them out a bit too see how far they would go.

So Stretchy S1vw9OIl

They stretched out quite far with no harm to the fabric. Many people think the support comes from the straps. With this bra, where is the support then?

There are bra brands that come down my FB feed and several have stated that their bras have thick straps to support the bust without pain.


The straps are 20% of the support of the bra, the band is the support. The straps give a slight lift, but the band should be snug and comfortable. Snug that if the straps were not on the shoulders, the cups would still be up and supporting the bust.

I told this information to a new bra brand that thinks DD is all sizes. No, DD is just getting started. And, several brands in the U.S. go well past DD and over H.

Many women are well past DDD and do not know because there are bra brands that do not size correctly putting them in too big of a band and too small of a cup.

Sizing women over clothes. measuring above the bust for band size. And, some measure the boob by itself to get cup size.
Also, no swoop &scoop, this makes sure the boob is fully in the cup and shows if the cups fit or are too small.


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