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Post by Admin on Tue Jan 19, 2016 10:17 pm

I did not say pushups, I said plunges. Some people see a plunge and think it's a push-up bra. Also, a lot of people think a push-up bra is a bra that adds size. There are push-up bras that some women wear for extra support but it does not add size, some have a graduated padding and some light cup inserts. That said, while I'm talking about plunge bras, these are plunge bras that many think fit...

Included a full coverage bra

The gore is on breast tissue and the cups are out from the body

The cups on the above models are too small.
In my last article Traditional Cup Size Mindset And Correct Bra Sizing ,
I discussed traditional bra mindset  or how many think a bra is supposed to fit. I talked about a gore sitting on breast tissue, cups that are floating away from the body and adding - cups that do not cover. The above pictures show exactly that.

Back to plunges....

Plunges come in several forms: unlined, lightly lined, and padded. Padded plunges give extra support in the cup for heavy breasts and breasts in G cup and higher.
The following are several plunges from different brands and they are all different. First, Freya has several unlined plunges:




Freya Deco is a thicker cup

Curvy Kate also has unlined plunges:

Curvy Kate Dare Plunge Bra

Curvy Kate Desire Multi-Way Plunge

Wacoal has lightly lined and thicker lined plunges that again do not add size:

Lace Finesse  T - Shirt  Bra

La Femme Full Bust  T- Shirt  Plunge

Plunge bras are great for women with close-set breasts ( breasts that are very close together.). There are women that like them for the cleavage they get. These bras give a natural cleavage without adding size, the gore is low allowing the breasts to come together.


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