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Fittings: The Numbers And Letters

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Fittings: The Numbers And Letters

Post by Admin on Sat Jan 02, 2016 3:23 pm

Many women assume their bra size. There are women that have had a bra fitting but were fitted incorrectly. When a woman finds out her true bra size, most of the time she is happy.

That said, there are those women that get fitted correctly but they are not happy.....

Why is this?

There are those women that have a correct fitting and find that their band was too big and the cup too small. They learn that their band size has gone down from one or more band sizes, and their cup size has increased several sizes up.

They don't like the band number and the cup letter. They think the band is very small and the cup so very large. Some women have been upset learning this new knowledge.

So what is the answer, where to go from here...

What the ladies that are in the group above need to know and remember is, their measurements did not increase. Their measurements were the same before they found out their correct bra size.
The difference now is  comfort. They are now in  cups that fit and are comfortable.
The band is snug on the loosest setting and is comfortable and supports bringing the bust up where it's supposed to be.

No readjusting, band ride - up, no underwire digging in at the sides, and last - no quad. Quad is when your breasts are too large for the cups and are spilling out in the middle and under the bra gore that should  tack against the chest between the breasts.

Some people mistake quad for "cleavage".

Many people also think that large breasts are heavy and hang down, they are supposed to be low on the body.
Large breasts are supposed to be supported, if they are very low bra worn, the band is too big.

For ladies above, I know hearing the new cup size is a G or H or greater can be surprising. Some women use a sister size when talking to others, so their size does not sound so large. Lots of people don't understand bra sizing, the letters and numbers including measurements.

But I encourage those ladies to receive their size and understand that a sister size up one or two bands can be bought in many stores off the rack.

With every correct fitting, we are changing the knowledge and perception that people have. We are making strides in the undergarment fitting world, and women are learning more every day about correct fitting and that D and DD  cup sizes are not the largest, rather just the beginning.


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