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The Answer's

Post by Admin on Sat Sep 27, 2014 9:23 pm

1. Why is the community called Thirty DD ?

The name is a gateway size to the small bands and big cups

2. Why is the community size specific ?

There are many communities for big banded busty's, some will accept smaller bands if they join but they are not respected. Some people think the small band size means the cup size is small. Ex a 30 H is a 38 bust, 30J a 40 bust . Just because the band size is small does not mean the cup size is small.

3. But doesn't busty just mean busty ?

No. Smaller bands have different needs than larger bands. Even with bras, we have narrow shoulders, and for many close set breasts. Tops that fit in the shoulders do not fit over the bust, if it fits over the bust, big in the shoulders. But many busty sites give clothing ideas for big banded busty's , added there are bra brands that cater to busty women Only, and their band sizes start 34/36, some 36 up.

4. Why is there Sewing , Knitting and Crochet , what does that have to do with bras and clothing ?

There are many women that sew their own undergarment's and clothing . These three section's , many women like , so I added those section's so they could talk 'shop' , post clothing , under things ...etc.

5. Why is the community style the way it is ?

Some people like blog and blog style communities right now. I appreciate those styles but I don't like that for me because only one person posts a topic and then others comment, or the readers of the blog owner post about the topic.

I wanted my members to go into all the forums and comment in topics, start topics and so on.

Also, there are many forums, its more than a page to look at and many places to go.

6. Why are men here ?

There are many men that bra surf and belong to communities for their wives and girlfriends. There are a lot of women that don't like communities or internet but their husbands/boyfriends do. So they get sizing and undergarment information as well as where to shop for them.  

7. Why are swords , keys and fire used for icons on a full bust / tiny band / full bust clothing site ?

I like those things , they are fun . Also I don't want bra, and bra accessories icons. I like unique , peculiar , and different . I want my members to have a good time on the site , have fun starting and commenting on posts . I also like inter active icons , they do something , not just an icon photo to look at.


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