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Reduction And Correct Bra Fit

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Reduction And Correct Bra Fit

Post by Admin on Sat Oct 21, 2017 9:19 pm

First, I'm going to discuss a boob type called pendulous. I've read conversations and comments by people that think this boob type is a "sagging" boob. No, this is a boob shape and as it gets larger grows downward but it is very firm. Supported by hands or a bra, the boob is firm, bouncy, and full on top. The woman in this video has this boob type.

There are other types of pendulous, another type appears self-supporting and as it gets larger the lower portion dips down below the inframammary fold ( soft skin between the rib cage and right under the boob where the underwire goes).

NSFW- Nude/ Surgery

                                               Alright, moving on.....


Many women that seek them do not know their correct bra size and have never been in a comfortable bra.

Many women have never been in a bra that fits.  Either they guess at their bra size or if they get a fitting, they get a fitter who fits them incorrectly. What is being fit incorrectly?


Measured over clothing.

Loose underbust measure and then adding 4/5/6 inches to the underbust measure, which also puts the woman in too small of cups.

Putting the person in cups that are too small and telling them the bra fits:
If your boobs are overflowing out of the cups on top or sides the cups are too small

If you can lift the bottom of the cups up- or underboob the band is too big.

Band riding up which makes the bust slide down in front.

Starting out in a band that's on the tightest setting (Except if the band is a sister size because they don't carry the woman's actual size).

Many fitters do not know swoop & scoop, this shows if the cups fit or no and it positions the underwire under each boob correctly.

A bra that fits is comfortable. The band is snug on the loosest setting and the cups fully encase the boobs. The underwire is right under each boob and on the sides comfortable, and the gore tacks. The straps are cinched 20 percent. The bra is so comfortable, you forget your wearing it, and you can sleep in it. Clothes fit better.

Physically, no back pain. No digging underwire or underwire poke. No painful straps or shoulder indents. And no more underwire that breaks, or other bra malfunctions.

This above would cease many reductions and the wanting of them. Many women that seek them do not know their correct bra size and have never been in a comfortable bra. The correct bra is comfortable- feels Good. Women, after they get a correct fitting don't want to take off the bra.

It's life changing


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