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Altering Bra Bands

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Altering Bra Bands

Post by Admin on Wed Mar 15, 2017 12:29 pm

Altering Bra Bands:

Good Day, Everyone, I hope your day is great.  Smile
Today I'm discussing altering a bra band. There are a couple of ways to do this and I will be providing photo's to show step by step.

I sew by hand so I'm going to show you process I use.

Alright, First this is one way to alter a wing to take in the length. Fold the wing to your desired length and sew, to remove alteration just rip out the thread.

This method above is not today's continue below....

We start with tools for the job.  If you don't have a seam ripper( the pink tool) you can use a small, fine bladed paring knife. I prefer the seam ripper, better with seam removal and gentle with the fabric.

Next, a wing of your bra. This bra has been altered before but the band has loosened and it's riding up on the tightest setting.

To make the cut accurate you can use another bra you have that the band fits, put that band below the one your altering and cut behind the closure where the band fabric goes into the closure.

Oh and kitty paws: meet my kitty, Kate. Kate, meet everyone.  Laughing

Now, you may need to fold the middle portion of the wing in two, or slightly overlap the fabric. It's going to be sewn in the closure.

Once you have ripped the seams out of the closure where the cut band was in behind the hooks and the eyes with your seam ripper.  You put the folded portion of the band in the closure, like so. Pin the fabric to the closure back to keep in place.

I sew the fabric to the back of the closure first to make sure the alter is reinforced.

I finish sewing the band to the back of the band the closure

Then close the top of the closure and finish sewing to reseal the closure.

The finished product. I know the thread is orange, it's ok Laughing
Repeat process for the second wing.


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