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Guess "Fittings"

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Guess "Fittings"

Post by Admin on Mon Mar 13, 2017 11:22 pm

"What size is the bra you are wearing?"

"Has anything changed from the time you bought the bra you're wearing and now?"

"As your band size goes down, so does the size of the cups; they’re proportional,”

"As band size changes the cups change"

The woman came in for a Fitting, what size bra she is wearing, color of cups, fabric, length of time wearing is Irrelevant.

This is what's Relevant.

The tape measure shows what her measurements are, from there you find her bra size, her
Correct bra size. If she was in the correct bra she would not be in for a fitting.

Many women including myself have fitting stories such as this. Once I went to a well -known dept store, not for a fitting but to try on bras. A sales lady came up to help, I went along thinking she would help me with different sizes and brands. First, she asked what size bra I was wearing, I told her I was wearing an altered bra but my cup was this size.

Ignoring me, went and got what She thought it was. The band was riding up, gore was too high on several and some cups too small.

I said,"This is not my band size", she said," You said you are wearing this size."  I said, " I said I was wearing an Altered band.  It went similar to this the entire time I was there.

Instead of guesses and assuming what the woman's bra size is........Find Out




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